Ilya Landshut

Director, 3D Artist

Welcome to HumanArtStudio!


I am a Director and 3D Artist from Hamburg, Germany. At the age of 13 I came across 3D animation, allowing me to create worlds beyond my imagination.

Soon, I began teaching computer graphics at my high school and started my journey in the field, doing freelance jobs for several clients and founded


These various experiences, allowed me to absorb as much as I could, which led me to direct the animated short film: "Sugar - A Bittersweet Journey" (7 minutes, 2020.) A Sci-Fi adventure about an extraterrestrial, scanning the whole universe for sugar, in order to rescue his beloved planet.

I tought 3D Modeling at the Hamburg University for Applied Sciences and worked there as a 3D drone designer. (Project: InTheAir - Drone education and research).


Feel free to contact me.

+49 1577 827 1678

© 2020 Ilya Landshut,, Hamburg

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